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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Satin Woods Boutique Showroom Grand Opening!

Have you ever heard of Port Stanley? Me neither. It is a quaint beach town south of London, Ontario. You may not have heard of it but I think a lot of plus size women will soon be taking a trip to visit the new showroom of Satin Woods Boutique.

They have new arrivals arriving often and cater to sizes 14 to 40.

As I said I haven’t been there yet (keyword yet) but I have seen pictures (see below) and been in close contact with Shannon and Jeff as they prepare for the Grand Opening March 26th.

This family run business promises a unique shopping experience for plus size women. You will be able to shop in an intimate and elegant setting, built on the belief that every woman is beautiful, regardless of size.

They promise personalized service and honest fashion advice. Shannon and Jeff want everyone to leave with the perfect garment, as if it were made just for that customer. They understand that having the right fit can add to a woman’s confidence and make a tremendous difference inside and out. Gone are the days we buy something just because it “kinda” fits.

At the showroom they will also be offering FREE private fashion parties. Shop like a celebrity, gather up the girls and organize a shopping event that is only you and your friends.

If all this wasn’t incentive enough to travel to Port Stanley, the Satin Woods Boutique also has a loyalty program. You earn points on your online and showroom purchases that you can use on future orders.

And when am I going shopping at Satin Woods Boutique? I thought it would be fun to plan a girl’s day. Enjoy a nice leisurely drive, do some shopping, grab a nice lunch, and explore Port Stanley a bit, make a full day of it.

I have 100% confidence that Shannon and Jeff will make it worth the drive.

Don’t forget if you are unable to visit the showroom you can continue to shop online and sign-up for their monthly newsletter. You will be entered into their $50 monthly draw.

Here are a few of their New Arrivals...

Geo Maxi Dress $109.95

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 10, Ohhh Laaaddddyyyy

You have seen how the 70's are a huge influence on the spring trends but what is available for those who don't like the flowy loose fitting styles and may be looking for a more classic look. For this woman we introduce the "60's Ladylike" trend.

Made popular by the TV show Mad Men, this trend is very much about the silhouette created by the cut of the clothes and how it accentuates a womens curves.

If you have a love for vintage this style is well represented with pencil skirts, cardigan sweater sets, sheath dresses and full skirts.  Making the essence of this trend grace and elegance.  Think garden tea- party with the girls.

And the perfect accessory for this outfit? Well a "Don Draper" on your arm of course, ahhhh a girl can dream. 

1. IGIGI - Vilenna Dress $135
2. LucieLu - Lace Party Dress, Nude $78
3. SWAK - Herringbone Plus Size Pencil Skirt $19.99 on sale
4. eShakti - Floral Hem Cotton Poplin Dress $64.95
5. AdditionElle - Asymmetric Collar Dress $79.99
6. eShakti - Bow tied tiered Skirt Dress $54.95
7. ASOS - CURVE Exclusive Spot Dress $46.62
8. eShakti -Graphic Print Illusion Bodice Dress $54.95
9. Kiyonnia - Siren Satin Dress $138
When looking for styles for this trend I started at eShakti  and could have filled three pages full of options.  I would start there if you are looking for this trend because they honestly had something for everyone.

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 9, Modest Minimalism

A minimalist post for the minimalist trend


(ohhh come on that is funny!)

1. Miss Phit- Corset Chic Dress, silver $52
2. SWAK - Emma Plus Size Top $55
3. Alight - Powder Puff Dress $48
4. SexyPlus Clothing - Halfway Around the World Plus Size Dress $99.99
5. AdditionElle - Shirttail Long Tunic $49.99
6. eShakti - Contrast Pleat Front Shift Dress $59.95
7. SWAK -  Classic Plus Size Maxi Dress in White $68
8. eShakti -Inverse Pleat Front Sheath Dress $56.95
9. eShakti -Asymmetric Pleats Knit Dress $49.95
10. Torrid - Khaki Challis Dress $64.50
11. Curvaceous Chic Woman - Contrast Trim Sleeveless Surplice Dress On Sale $39.99

and you can find the minimalist styles at



Old Navy

(sorry about the technical snafu and being a day late with this post)

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 8, You Won’t Find Any Wallflowers Here!

Every season has a floral pattern as a trend and typically it is large bold prints then it is small tiny flowers then one flower as opposed to many. Each year it would change to the complete opposite so if you wore something from last year it was obvious.

What I find with this season is anything goes, which is great. Every type of flower, every colour, florals with stripes, one large floral or a pattern; the options are endless.

Combine the florals with the sheer fabrics we are seeing everywhere and the look is super flirty and feminine (and yes I am repeating myself)

So which floral should I wear? I hear you. If you are petite you will want to stay away from bigger bold flowers. They can appear to overpower you so try a smaller to medium sized floral. And if you are taller it is super striking if you wear a big strong pattern. Pretty simple, right?

And for accessories, don’t forget a floral in your hair, on your wrist or finger.

There really were so many florals to choose from. I had to just pick my favourite examples even though they don’t necessarily work together in this image:

1. Sears - together MD Printed Dress $109.99
2. ASOS - ASOS CURVE Exclusive Summer Floral Dress $71.24
3. Shop Translated - INES Inverted Pleat Dress $69
4. Alight - White Flowering Floral Dress $58
5. SexyPlus Clothing - Alfresco Dress in Night Shade $99.99
6. Satin Woods Boutique - Evelyn Dress $101.95
7. ASOS - ASOS CURVE Rose Bunch Flute Sleeve Dress $80.15
8. Torrid - Lace Trip Dolman Top $38

Florals are everywhere so I don’t even have to make a list of suggested shops.  Just pick your favourite store and I know you will find something floral.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 7, Go Bold and Bright

Spring has arrived! Well okay not officially but when you see all these bright colours you can’t help but get excited.

Not far in the distant past I had given up on finding clothing options and had decided I am only going to wear black with bold interesting jewellery. I am happy to say we don’t have to wear just black anymore, there are options, and lots of bright vibrant options that will make us feel alive.

With spring around the corner, it is around this time of year when you start to add some colour to your daily wardrobe and people will begin to notice. Colour has a way of making our eyes look brighter, our skin healthier, and our hair shinier. It even lifts our spirits but that could be all the compliments.

The really cool thing about this trend of colour is you are not limited to wearing a bright top with a neutral bottom. When I say go bold, go bold! Try colour blocking; pair a yellow blouse with a hot pink skirt. I know, I hear you but you can do it. Just think the brighter the better!

1. Sears - Kerrybrooke MD 3/4 Sleeve Solid Knit Top with Shirring Detail $69+
2. ASOS - ASOS CURVE Gathered Waistband Dress from $40.34
3. Alight -Yellow City Cool Top $28
4. IGIGI - Jackie 2-in-1 Dress In Purple Magic $112
5. Alight - Fuchsia Rayon Top $28
6. LucieLu - Margeaux Dress-Perfect Teal $46
7. SWAK - Natalie Plus Size Top $9.99 on sale
8. Shop Translated - INES Wrap Top $39
9. Satin Woods - Janice Top $59.95
10. Figuresque - Coral Maxi Dress

Including the stores listed above you can also check out:
Monif C. Plus Sizes
Kathy's Curvy Corner

This trend is definitely one I plan to embrace this season, you?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 6, It's A Ruffle Life

Ruffles, frills and lace, I don't think this spring season could get any more feminine. We did see some ruffles in 2010 but this trend is everywhere this season and will carry on through summer.

It may have been some time since you have worn any ruffles, but don’t be afraid. This season has a ruffle for everyone. They are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, tiered or singular, on floral patterns or solids, used with chiffon, satin and cotton. Embrace this trend and you will see how versatile ruffles actually are; the look can be bold and strong, subtle and flirty or classic and romantic.

When deciding which style to choose it is a bit of a balancing act. Use the ruffle to shift attention to your most flattering parts but be careful to not add bulk where you don’t want it.

1. Casual Plus - One shoulder stylish mini dress Price: 36.99 Now: 24.99
2. Plus Size Fix - Plus Size Layered Lace One Shoulder Pink Top $36.99
3. eShakti - Ruffle Cascading Dress $54.95
4. Casual Plus - Lace tank $19.99
5. Miss Phit - Ruffles Smock (pink) $36
6. SexyPlus Clothing - Ruffle Shuffle Top in Heaven’s Forest $69.99
7. Miss Phit - Floral Ruffles $36
8. b & lu - Phoebe Top - Light Gray $34

I think you will find that almost any store you visit will have something with ruffles; here are just a few I found that had a variety of styles:
eShakti (you will find lots here)
Old Navy

I love the Ruffle Cascade Dress, you?  I also found something similar at ASOS but in a different colour.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 5, I Am Woman Hear Me RRRRRoar!

Yup, animal prints, animal prints and more animal prints. We saw them in Fall/Winter 2010 and they have carried through to Spring 2011. The difference for spring however is they are a lot more fun.

A turquoise leopard? A purple zebra? You will find these prints in fun bright colours for the spring season maybe even two colours, like orange and pink in one print. I love this idea; it puts a fun twist on a classic style.

Another take on the animal print is mixing prints in one piece, maybe a snake and a leopard. (And yes a snake is an animal in the fashion world). It isn’t just “cat” prints; you will find giraffe, zebra, peacock, and snake patterns.

When wearing animal prints the pattern can appear heavy or overpowering, to make it work for spring pair these pieces with lighter colours like white or wear it in a sheer fabric to add a flare of femininity.

Here are some of the animal prints the plus size stores are featuring now. (I have also included some patterns that are not necessarily animal but appear tribal)

1. Kiyonna  - Cynthia Twist Dress $108.00
2. Curvaceous Chic Woman - Zebra Print Wrap Dress $64.99
3. Plus Size Fix - Plus Size Leopard Diamond Straps Tank Top $29.99
4. b & lu - Raquel Dress - Gray Leopard  $66
5. Curvaceous Chic Woman - Zebra Print Bottom Banded Top $14.99
6. Plus Size Fix - Plus Size Designer Fur Cropped White Jacket $29.99
7. Penningtons - Poplin belted dress $49.99

Additional stores you will find animal prints:
Fun Fash

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 4, Lace-ing It Up.

Writing this post has brought up a traumatic event from my past. While shopping for a prom dress with my well intentioned aunt and mother, they suggested I try on a dress that was lace. It was lace from head-to-toe. I always try to keep an open mind when shopping so I thought what the heck let’s give it a go.

I opened the door to the change room walked out and the uncontrollable laughter started. My aunt, mom and sales lady couldn’t speak they were laughing so hard. I did hear the words “doilie” and “my curtains” uttered while they grasped for air. To this day I haven’t worn anything lace.

Am I overreacting? Am I unduly prejudiced against lace? Maybe. I do think where I went wrong was the head-to-toe lace part, it was just too much.

So to get over this I plan to incorporate this trend in to my spring wardrobe. Sort of like “exposure” shopping therapy. I will pick pieces that are embellished with lace or have a smaller lace pattern.

While looking for examples I found so many beautiful items. Spring and summer is a perfect time for lace to be such a big trend. It is feminine and fresh.

You will also find accessories that are trimmed with lace and lace appliqu├ęs; purses, shoes, earrings etc. It is another simple way of adding this hot trend into your style.

1. Torrid - Grey Lace $38.00
2. Kiyonna - Analisa Lace Column Dress $288.00
3. Plus Size See Through Lace Loose Black Top $33.99
4. LucieLu - Long Lace Cardi-Slate Blue $44.00
5. SWAK - Signature Lacey Dress $69.00
6. Casual-Plus - Roomy lace facade top $19.99
7. LucieLu - Muse Lace Cardi $32.00
8. Sears - together MD Knit Top $74.99
9. - Plus Size See Through Lace Stretchy Long Sleeve $29.99
10.Casual-Plus - Lace tank babydoll $19.99
Stores I found featuring alot of the Lace trend:
Satin Woods
Plus Size Fix
Casual Plus

What do you think, is it time for me to get over my lace phobia?

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 3, 70's Glam

Disco days are back again. Like I said on day one, it is all about the 70’s. Can you dig it?

Think Studio 54, with all it’s 70’s Glam including the high-waisted pants, shimmering dresses and elegant silky blouses. This trend really allows your feminine side to shine (literally) with fluid fabrics and asymetic lines.

Accesorize with lots of silver and gold bangles, dangle earings, head scarves and big big sunglasses.

Here are a few examples:

1. Torrid - Border Floral Print Tie-Front Top $38.00
2. LucieLu - Vida Dress-Perfect Teal $52.00
3. Torrid - Beaded Trim Tier Halter Top $38.00
4. SexyPlus Clothing - Button Down Denim Plus Size Jumpsuit
5. Alight - Black / White Geo V Neck Maxi Dress $119.00
6 Sex Appeal - Lauren in Jade $42.00

I found the best selection for this trend at :

Sex Appeal
SexyPlus Clothing
Shop Translated
Curvaceous Chic Woman

What piece of the 70's Glam look are you going to try this spring?

Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 2, Mohawk Anyone?

Crank the Sex Pistols and… ah… ummm, okay so I don’t know of any other punk bands to get you cranked about this new spring trend. My secret is out, I am just not that cool but I think I can fake it with some of these pieces!

The punk trend allows you to release your angry tough side. What makes this style? Ripped jeans and stockings, studs, heavy boots, “bondage” wrapped tops – not for everyone I agree but I do think there is a place in your wardrobe for a few key pieces. The key is to pick a few of the elements and wear them separately so you still appear on trend but not like you were just thrown from a mosh pit.

Here are some ideas I think represent the punk trend:

1. Torrid - Black and Rose One Shoulder Bling Dolan Top $34.50
2. Alight - Lava Lamp Jeans On Sale $29.99
3. MXM - V-neck Top with Rhinestones detailing $29.99
4. Addition Elle - Bangle Braided Bracelet $24.99
5. AdditionElle - Belt w/ Perforated Circles and Studs $24.99
AdditionElle - ¾ Sleeve Denim Jacket $69.99
7. Torrid - Black Marilyn Long Blazer Jacket $64.00
8. Alight - Comfy Medium Blue Distressed Jeans $52.00
The stores I found did the punk look the best were:
How are you going to incorporate this look into your wardrobe?

Thursday, March 10, 2011

A 10 Days to Spring Trend-a-thon, Day One

Has this been the longest winter ever? The few days when it has been slightly warm and had a hint of sun I felt like skipping down the street.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at the TOP 10 spring fashion trends in the 10 days leading up to the actual first day of spring. The day when we get to hopefully shed a few layers and add some bright colours to the daily mix.

So lets get started with my favourite trend this season, 70’s Boho Chic. Bring on the bell-bottoms! What can I say I am a relaxed style kinda gal. You will find a ton of tunics, peasant tops, jumpsuits, maxi dresses, with fabrics being sheer and silky.

Accessories feature crochet, tassels, leather, lace, feathers and dare I say it… fringes.

What I love about this trend is the mix of patterns, colours, relaxed style and the fact is a lot of the cuts are flattering to the plus size body.

 Here are a couple examples to get you started:

1. Alloy - Akira Kimono Dress $46.90
2. eShakti - Flutter sleeve print tunic $42.95
3. Old Navy - Women's Plus Crochet-Trim Gauze Tops On Sale $24.50
4. Old Navy - Women's Plus Tie-Belt Chambray Trousers $42.50
5. eShakti - Pleated yoke chiffon print dress $64.95
6. Miss Phit - Crochet Charm (cream) $36
7. Alloy - Gardenia Chiffon $31.90

Stores that I found featured alot of Boho Chic styles were:
Miss Phit

So it is time to dust off those clogs and decide what your style for Spring 2011 will be?
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