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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 6, It's A Ruffle Life

Ruffles, frills and lace, I don't think this spring season could get any more feminine. We did see some ruffles in 2010 but this trend is everywhere this season and will carry on through summer.

It may have been some time since you have worn any ruffles, but don’t be afraid. This season has a ruffle for everyone. They are vertical, horizontal, or diagonal, tiered or singular, on floral patterns or solids, used with chiffon, satin and cotton. Embrace this trend and you will see how versatile ruffles actually are; the look can be bold and strong, subtle and flirty or classic and romantic.

When deciding which style to choose it is a bit of a balancing act. Use the ruffle to shift attention to your most flattering parts but be careful to not add bulk where you don’t want it.

1. Casual Plus - One shoulder stylish mini dress Price: 36.99 Now: 24.99
2. Plus Size Fix - Plus Size Layered Lace One Shoulder Pink Top $36.99
3. eShakti - Ruffle Cascading Dress $54.95
4. Casual Plus - Lace tank $19.99
5. Miss Phit - Ruffles Smock (pink) $36
6. SexyPlus Clothing - Ruffle Shuffle Top in Heaven’s Forest $69.99
7. Miss Phit - Floral Ruffles $36
8. b & lu - Phoebe Top - Light Gray $34

I think you will find that almost any store you visit will have something with ruffles; here are just a few I found that had a variety of styles:
eShakti (you will find lots here)
Old Navy

I love the Ruffle Cascade Dress, you?  I also found something similar at ASOS but in a different colour.

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