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Monday, March 14, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 5, I Am Woman Hear Me RRRRRoar!

Yup, animal prints, animal prints and more animal prints. We saw them in Fall/Winter 2010 and they have carried through to Spring 2011. The difference for spring however is they are a lot more fun.

A turquoise leopard? A purple zebra? You will find these prints in fun bright colours for the spring season maybe even two colours, like orange and pink in one print. I love this idea; it puts a fun twist on a classic style.

Another take on the animal print is mixing prints in one piece, maybe a snake and a leopard. (And yes a snake is an animal in the fashion world). It isn’t just “cat” prints; you will find giraffe, zebra, peacock, and snake patterns.

When wearing animal prints the pattern can appear heavy or overpowering, to make it work for spring pair these pieces with lighter colours like white or wear it in a sheer fabric to add a flare of femininity.

Here are some of the animal prints the plus size stores are featuring now. (I have also included some patterns that are not necessarily animal but appear tribal)

1. Kiyonna  - Cynthia Twist Dress $108.00
2. Curvaceous Chic Woman - Zebra Print Wrap Dress $64.99
3. Plus Size Fix - Plus Size Leopard Diamond Straps Tank Top $29.99
4. b & lu - Raquel Dress - Gray Leopard  $66
5. Curvaceous Chic Woman - Zebra Print Bottom Banded Top $14.99
6. Plus Size Fix - Plus Size Designer Fur Cropped White Jacket $29.99
7. Penningtons - Poplin belted dress $49.99

Additional stores you will find animal prints:
Fun Fash

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