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Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 2, Mohawk Anyone?

Crank the Sex Pistols and… ah… ummm, okay so I don’t know of any other punk bands to get you cranked about this new spring trend. My secret is out, I am just not that cool but I think I can fake it with some of these pieces!

The punk trend allows you to release your angry tough side. What makes this style? Ripped jeans and stockings, studs, heavy boots, “bondage” wrapped tops – not for everyone I agree but I do think there is a place in your wardrobe for a few key pieces. The key is to pick a few of the elements and wear them separately so you still appear on trend but not like you were just thrown from a mosh pit.

Here are some ideas I think represent the punk trend:

1. Torrid - Black and Rose One Shoulder Bling Dolan Top $34.50
2. Alight - Lava Lamp Jeans On Sale $29.99
3. MXM - V-neck Top with Rhinestones detailing $29.99
4. Addition Elle - Bangle Braided Bracelet $24.99
5. AdditionElle - Belt w/ Perforated Circles and Studs $24.99
AdditionElle - ¾ Sleeve Denim Jacket $69.99
7. Torrid - Black Marilyn Long Blazer Jacket $64.00
8. Alight - Comfy Medium Blue Distressed Jeans $52.00
The stores I found did the punk look the best were:
How are you going to incorporate this look into your wardrobe?

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