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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Spring Trend-a-thon Day 4, Lace-ing It Up.

Writing this post has brought up a traumatic event from my past. While shopping for a prom dress with my well intentioned aunt and mother, they suggested I try on a dress that was lace. It was lace from head-to-toe. I always try to keep an open mind when shopping so I thought what the heck let’s give it a go.

I opened the door to the change room walked out and the uncontrollable laughter started. My aunt, mom and sales lady couldn’t speak they were laughing so hard. I did hear the words “doilie” and “my curtains” uttered while they grasped for air. To this day I haven’t worn anything lace.

Am I overreacting? Am I unduly prejudiced against lace? Maybe. I do think where I went wrong was the head-to-toe lace part, it was just too much.

So to get over this I plan to incorporate this trend in to my spring wardrobe. Sort of like “exposure” shopping therapy. I will pick pieces that are embellished with lace or have a smaller lace pattern.

While looking for examples I found so many beautiful items. Spring and summer is a perfect time for lace to be such a big trend. It is feminine and fresh.

You will also find accessories that are trimmed with lace and lace appliqu├ęs; purses, shoes, earrings etc. It is another simple way of adding this hot trend into your style.

1. Torrid - Grey Lace $38.00
2. Kiyonna - Analisa Lace Column Dress $288.00
3. Plus Size See Through Lace Loose Black Top $33.99
4. LucieLu - Long Lace Cardi-Slate Blue $44.00
5. SWAK - Signature Lacey Dress $69.00
6. Casual-Plus - Roomy lace facade top $19.99
7. LucieLu - Muse Lace Cardi $32.00
8. Sears - together MD Knit Top $74.99
9. - Plus Size See Through Lace Stretchy Long Sleeve $29.99
10.Casual-Plus - Lace tank babydoll $19.99
Stores I found featuring alot of the Lace trend:
Satin Woods
Plus Size Fix
Casual Plus

What do you think, is it time for me to get over my lace phobia?

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