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Monday, September 10, 2012

I Won the Ulla Popken Pin-a-thon Contest!

It doesn't take much to get me excited but when I won the Ulla Popken Pin-a-thon Contest I was pretty excited.  I did a little squeal, well okay a big one.  I went running to the dude to tell him and his response was "Boooo, why don't I win anything? Oh and congrats!"  Apparently, he had entered a contest and just before I walked in with my announcement he learned that he didn't win.... ahhhh poor dude!

So back to the contest... to enter you had to "pin" and outfit on Pinterest using Ulla Popken clothing up to a total of $250. If chosen you would win the outfit you put together.  I am in!

This is what I put together and was chosen as one of two winners:
(Sorry for the blurry pic)

I am waiting on everything to arrive so I can't tell you how it all works together or how it fits but I will.  You can follow Ulla Popken and Plus Size Fashion on Pinterest.

Now get out there and find a contest to enter because you never know!

Happy Contesting!

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