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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Put A Little RRRAAARRR Into Your Closet

Drink and blog much?  NO! But you may have thought I did if you receive my blog email OR saw my previous posts now deleted.  Apparently linking my blogger account and Polyvore account allowed some I items "clipped" for my boards to be automatically published.  No header, no notes, no details just the clothes and a link.  I have since changed my settings but when things like that go out to the blogger universe it can appear as if I am sitting here with a glass or two of wine. Hmmm, now that I think about it that might be such a bad idea - I will be right back!

Qdfkljhfoa nasdjlfj adkj... oh I am just kidding - just diet root beer for me.  Back to business, today we are looking at another of the colours predicted to be hot for the fall season by Pantone.  French Roast is a gorgeous rich brown that oooozzesss warmth.  Nothing says fall then a deep dark brown.  What I love about this colour is how it easily it transitions from day to evening wear, it works well as a neutral but even better in an animal print.

When I would putting this collection together I couldn't get enough of the animal prints.  They are everywhere.  Use French Roast to put a little Raarrrr in your closet.
Pantone Fall 2012 Fashion Colour French Roast

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