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Friday, January 27, 2012

Wide Calf Boots and How To Wear Them

Today I am excited to share a blog post from Sarah of DUO.  Sarah shares ideas of what fashions to wear with your boots to get the perfect fashionable look.  I have put together some looks based on her recommendations.

As an aside, I wasn't familiar with DUO so I asked Sarah to share some info:  "DUO is a boot and shoe manufacturer, who specialize in fitted boots or fitted shoes that are perfect for you. Buying with DUO for the first time is so easy – just follow their fitting advice to find your perfect pair amongst the biggest ever range of calf fitting women’s boots  and width fitting shoes and try out DUO’s unbeatable recipe for style and fit. If you need any further help DUO’s team of fitting experts can answer anything from fit to fashion, measurements to delivery. DUO’s fitted boots winter sale is currently on, giving you 50% off selected boots."

Today, the boot is more fashionable than ever. The popularity of this classic footwear can be seen throughout leading fashion magazines and remains a popular style choice in the media, fashion and everyday life. Boots come in four main lengths; ankle, mid-calf, knee high and over the knee. With each of these lengths, it is important to know the proper fashions to wear your  boots  with so that you are sporting the perfect look!

This is especially important for us plus sized women, as the wrong boot with the wrong outfit could make our legs look short and dumpy, instead of let us keep their natural length or help us create the illusion of longer legs. And before you turn away from this post, thinking the knee high and over knee boots don’t apply to you then think again, as they certainly do. These style boots are available in wider calf and wider foot versions, so you needn’t sacrifice comfort for style. 

Ankle Boots
Maxi dresses are hugely popular today and ankle boots are perfect to wear with this or any skirt. Beware that the dress or skirt aren’t too long, as ankle boots with a long dress make your legs look shorter. Yet, ankle boots are perfect for jeans or pants regardless of heel height. You can choose from a flat, short or high heeled ankle boot style when putting together your outfit. Consider the occasion and how long you need to be on your feet, or what terrain you will encounter. If there’s a lot of walking involved, you’d be better off with a smaller heel or flats. Also consider canvas, suede, leather and faux leather types when integrating them into your outfits of the day. All of these styles will compliment your jeans, pants, dress or skirt, giving you a trendy and on the go look. 
Duo Boots Ankle Boot Outfit

Mid-Calf Boots

Western stars made the Western mid-calf boot a hit by pairing them with shorts or short skirts. Now you see a wide range of choices in the mid-calf boot from those popular suede fleece-lined and sheepskin boots to other popular pull-on suede, leather and faux leather styles. They can be paired with leggings, shorts, mini-skirts, long skirts and dresses as well as capri pants. Regarding dresses, I’d again keep to the short rule. Skirts can be longer, providing they’re not too clingy or a pencil skirt. Long skirts, which flow with your movements, are best suited for mid-calf boots. An option for this style is the currently popular petticoat skirt. The various styles available have made the mid-calf boot a great fashion choice among the trendsetters. Mid-calf  boots are a versatile wardrobe item to own and will allow you to add some flair to your daily outfit choices.
Mid Calf Outfit for DUO Boots

Knee High Boots

The classic knee high boot is suitable for almost any look. This boot, whether heeled or not, is fantastic to go with any outfit you own. These are great to wear with mini-skirts or dresses and allow you to liven up your look with colourful hosiery or tights or none at all. They are comfortable under skirts and are particularly good choices when you are tucking in jeans or pants for a modern style. They are the most practical and stylish choice for winter, and can also be combined well with work wear, especially a suit. They have been and always will be a must for every woman’s wardrobe.

DUO Knee High Boots Outfit

Over Knee Boots

Over knee boots are making a comeback. For the daring among us, they are a must have, and come in a wide range of fabrics and materials, pull-on or lace up styles and can be heeled or flat. They are available in many different looks and styles such as embellished with buckles, trims or other accents. For a different look you can flip them down, keeping your admirers on their toes, to what you are going to do with them next. With this style of boot, it is important that you team them with clothing that complements the look. A pair of jeans or leggings and a chunky knit jumper would look great with over knee boots. Avoid dresses and skirts, as they highlight the boot too much, making it overbearing and a little tacky looking.  DUO will be launching their new spring over knee boots soon so keep an eye out for them.

Over Knee Duo Boots Outfit

When it comes to boots, it is best to experiment with outfit combinations, as the danger of losing your legs natural length or missing out on the chance to elongate them is high. This goes for women of any size. These tips will keep you on the straight and narrow though.

Sarah Oxley- Born in the UK and grew up in Germany. Creative writer and fashion enthusiast interested in good plus size fashion, as that’s what I wear, as well as good fitting and long lasting footwear. Since there’s nothing worse than ill-fitting shoes and boots. 

Thanks Sarah!

Happy Shopping,

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