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Monday, January 30, 2012

A Second Ulla Popken Product Review

As I mentioned a couple of days ago I had the opportunity to do some product reviews for Ulla Popken. See my previous post about the Colour Block Knit Dress.

When I was contacted by Babe Hope about doing a product review she asked me to send her a list of a few of the items I might be interested in.  I was actually quite embarrassed by the long list (I didn't want to seem greedy) but I also wanted her to know that there were quite a few pieces - and that is a good thing.

Ulla Popken has been working hard to provide more contemporary styles and I think it is obvious when you peruse their website.  If you are interested here are some of the items that appeared on my list:

1. Sequin Swing Tunic
2. Embellished Animal Tunic
3. Mixed Print Tunic
4. Striped Knit Dress
5. Leather Sport Boot
6. Scrunch Dress Boot
7. Ring Trim Dress Boot
 Wing Collar Coat - not shown
Buckle Sport Boot - not shown

Plus these two items that I actually received; the 
Striped Swing Sweater and the Wide Leg Denim Trousers.  Both of these are from their new Spring line.

I can foresee myself getting a lot of wear out of this Striped Swing Sweater once the warmer weather comes.  It has 3/4 length sleeves and is lightweight so on a cool summers eve I think it will be perfect.  I especially like the stripes, I thought the pattern added more interest then just a plain solid sweater would.

I also think there is a lot of versatility with this sweater; jeans, white linen pants, crisp white blouse, white tee, sandals, heels... the list is endless.

It washes up nicely after bring washed in cold water and hung to dry plus the fit is true to size.  I am so happy with this piece.

The third piece I was sent to review was the Wide Legged Denim Trousers.  When these showed up I was surprised to find they had an elastic waist at the back.  That was 100% my mistake.  Upon reading the product description again I did see where it is mentioned online.

What I loved most about these pants was the dark colour.  Having the option to wear a nice dark denim in place of black dress pants is always nice.  Again in the spring and summer these pants will be great to have.  The fabric is very light and airy again a nice change from wearing jeans in warmer weather.

My two issues with these pants are the elastic waist, I prefer a full fabric waist and that the fabric stretched after wearing them.  At the end of the night they were much more loose then when I had initially put them on.  Once they had stretched they seem to be too big, whereas I would have said before wearing them they were true to size.

The material is 100% cotton so I thought they might snap back to the original shape after washing them in cold and hanging them to dry but that was not the case.  One last drawback was they will need to be ironed after washing.  Again that is 100% me not reading 100% cotton in the description.

By combining these two pieces you can have a new fresh spring look.  I have collected a few different pieces to show you how versatile this outfit is and how you can mix and match accessories to create a variety of different looks:

Three Strand Necklace - Ulla Popken
Slouchy Buckle Shopper Bag -  Top Shop
Circle Sandal - Ulla Popken

Striped Swing Sweater  - Ulla Popken 
Wide Leg Denim - Ulla Popken
Brown Wooden Bangles - Style 369
Pink Patent Shoulder Bag - Debenhams
Crush Platform Sandals -

Babe Hope and Ulla Popken have been an absolute pleasure to work with and I am thankful to have had this opportunity - two thumbs up to Ulla Popken and Babe!

Happy Shopping!


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