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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Product Review for Ulla Popken

I was recently contacted by Babe Hope from Ulla Popken. Babe is an author, stylist, personal shopper and blogger.  She asked me if I would be interested in doing a product review for Ulla Popken.

I was unfamiliar with Ulla Popken having only visited the site a few times so I was excited for the opportunity.  When I went to the site to do some research I was pleasantly surprised.  I have since learned that the president of Ulla Popken has been working very hard to improve the whole line; making it more contemporary in style, more accurate fit, and better fabrication.

I would have to say that what they are doing is working.  I found a lot of things that I think would fit well into my closet.  Is it high fashion?  No, but that isn't who their market is - it is plus size women over 40 (unfortunately yes I do fit into this category).  I do think that even women under 40 could easily find pieces they would enjoy.

I think you will find a number of pieces with great potential.  I say potential because I do think some of the styling could be done differently, the silhouette seen on the models appears to be the same throughout the site.  When shopping and see you something interesting consider what it might look like with a wide belt, a scarf, a chunky necklace, numerous bracelets, tights - look for the potential. 

Babe asked me to send her some ideas of items that I might be interested in.  I was actually quite embarrassed by the numerous items on the list but I thought it was important she know - hey there are a lot of great things here. ( I will share my complete list in my next posting)

I left it to Babe to decide what she wanted me to review.  On December 23rd (perfect timing) a package arrived with three pieces in it.  One of which was this Colour Block Knit Dress

I have had the opportunity to wear this dress a couple of times and love it.  Comfortable, comfortable, comfortable while being stylish. The sizing was perfect but what I loved the most was the fabric.  I thought it was like a jersey knit but it is actually a blend of rayon and spandex making it super soft and resilient.  I hate when jersey dresses stretch out after you have worn it half a day - nope not this one.   For a true product test I actually wore it to my nieces 1st birthday.  I was on the floor playing games with the kids, in the kitchen cooking and relaxing chatting with friends.  By the end of the day it still looked great and kept its shape.  
As an aside I was asked if I had lost weight -nope, just a flattering dress.

Typically a straight knit dress like this may not necessarily be flattering without a belt or some to create a silhouette but the way the colour blocking is used in the design it actually makes the eye see a silhouette.  The green and black point up bringing the attention to the chest and the waist is minimized because it appears your waist is only as wide as the black.

One of the other reasons I chose this dress is the potential I saw in it.  There are so many ways you can wear this dress casual and dressy so I have put together a grouping of various accessories you could potentially wear with it.

Accessorizing a Ulla Popken Color Block Knit Dress

I should also add that after a wash, it kept it's shape.  I washed it in cold and hung it to dry.  Easy to care for clothing, it doesn't get any better!

If you haven't checked out Ulla Popken I really recommend it.  You will find new arrivals with the latest spring looks.  While on their site check out Babe's blog, where she shares fashion tips and feeling fabulous in your clothing.

Stay tuned for my second product review for Ulla Popken coming soon.

Happy Shopping,


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  1. Thank you for this great review! I'm so glad you saw the silhouette built into the design of the dress and the potential for revving it up with great accessories. Check out Ulla's accessories too, they're big, chunky and well-priced!


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