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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Cinderella Project Needs Your Gowns and I Challenge You!

Heather MacKenzie, Co-Founder of The Cinderella Project contacted me asking if I could share their message and ask for your help.

The Cinderella Project collects donations of new and used formal wear to provide an opportunity for at-risk youth in their community to have something fabulous to wear when they celebrate the milestone of high school graduation.  Each year the organization holds a "Boutique Day" - a special day when Cinderellas and Cinderfellas (referred to the organization by teachers, principals or social workers) are pampered and fussed over.

On Boutique Day, with the assistance of a "fairy godmother or godfather" each grad will have an opportunity to pick out a gown, suit, tuxedo, shoes, purse and accessories.  They also have their hair and make-up done and receive a gift bag of personal toiletries.

Why do they 
desperately need help from the Plus Size community?
Each year they are challenged by not having enough plus size gowns.  Every year over half of the girls are size 14+, most being size 18-26.  Remember back to this time in your life, many of us were so self conscious and not really comfortable with our body.  I can't imagine what I might feel if I showed up on Boutique Day and there wasn't anything that fit me.  I think it would be devastating.  These girls need to feel proud and confident for their achievement.

So how can you help?

The organization is based out of Vancouver, BC.  They have a few drop off locations throughout the city.  For those of us not in Vancouver you can also ship any donations to:
The Cinderella Project
315 Mathers Avenue
West Vancouver, BC
V7S 1H2

A charitable tax receipt is available to anyone who ships their donations to The Cinderella Project, you just need to email the shipping invoice or include it within the parcel.  Dry cleaning receipts will also be accepted for a charitable tax receipt.

What are they looking for:
  • Women's stylish grad dress - specifically plus size dresses and very small sizes (0-2)
  • Evening bags
  • Evening wraps
  • Gloves - elbow and opera length, (particularly white, cream and black)
  • Women's new or gently used strappy party shoes - all colours
  • Jewelry - Sparkly clip earrings and plain chains in gold and silver tones for pendants; sparkly earring and necklaces, tiaras, hair jewelry, headbands, clips etc
With Boutique Day fast approaching they need to receive donations by the end of this month so you need to clean out your closets fast and send them off.


Lets support these young plus size women.  If you don't have a gown or accessories to donate I challenge you to make a $5 PayPal donation!  Yes, they do accept PayPal donations.  I know we are asked constantly to donate here or there so that is why I am asking for only $5 - that is a coffee (well a Starbucks coffee :)  I have 610 followers right now on Facebook, imagine if each one of us donated $5?  That would be $3,050!  Think about how many brand new plus size dresses that would help them buy. (I have already sent my $5 donation, it is super easy.)

You don't have a PayPal account?  Not a problem, when you click on their donation button it will take you to PayPal, on the bottom right corner you will see text Don't have a PayPal account? Click on this and you can use Paypal as a guest and make a donation with a credit card.

If you carry gowns and/or dresses or accessories that are applicable please please please make a donation, send a new dress to The Cinderella Project.  You also get a charitable tax receipt for the cost of the dress.  If you do make a donation please let me know and I will be sure to let EVERYONE know!

Lets make sure this year these girls have oodles and oodles of dresses to choose from and don't have to settle for the only one that fits!

I encourage you to learn more about the great things this organization is doing, For more info send an email to or call 604-603-9155.

Happy Donating!

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