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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Good News about eShakti

Wow, lastnight I had a little scare.  I was working on a post about eShakti and by accident learned they weren't shipping to Canada anymore. 

"What?" I screeched!  They did last month, what happened?

I contacted eShakti to find out more information.  The story is that the courier company they were using was charging $50 for shipping to Canada.  So far they have been covering the cost for the extra shipping but for obvious reasons can't keep doing that.

They are now working with the courier company to come up with a more reasonable rate and should resume shipping to Canada in 4-5 business days.   Phew!

I will for sure let you know when they resume shipping and even more importantly when you can get your spring order in!

For those of you not familiar with eShakti, they are empowering customers. Their tagline is We Design. You Customize. If you don't like the neckline change it, need a bigger chest measurement - change it. You provide the measurements and they customize the design for you, all for $7.50US!


  1. How about ?? FREE shipping to Canada, exclusive sales, measurements in every ad!

  2. I just checked and they're still not offering shipping here... Any word on this?

  3. Karen, I think if you place an order they will ship it to you but I am still not 100% sure.

  4. I'm a Canadian who ordered two dresses from Eshakti. They shipped each dress separately through DHL. I had to pay duty plus a DHL processing fee for calculating duty on each dress, all told about $55 for $100 worth of dresses. It would have been much less if they had shipped the dresses together.
    I've emailed eshakti several times to express my frustration, but haven't heard anything back.

  5. Are most courier services like that when delivering from the United States to Canada? I'm staying with a friend for a few months, and I was hoping to get some dresses altered to add a higher neckline. Has anyone heard if they will actually ship there now?


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