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Friday, January 14, 2011

Fabulous Friday Find - Thigh Society

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a local find with you - well local if you live in Toronto.

Thigh Society is Marnie Consky’s solution to “chub rub”. A unique short, made in Canada, that helps to prevent inner thigh rub. I hear ya, you are thinking thigh chaffing season doesn’t start until at least May, why are we talking about this now? This is for those lucky ducks that are heading south this winter. You have your cute little summer dresses already packed but you might want to consider grabbing a pair to add to your suitcase.

Marnie asked me to do a product review of her Thigh Society shorts, of which I was so happy to oblige too. Here is what I found…
I was super impressed by how soft the material was. The shorts I tested were the cotton/spandex blend but I did have the opportunity to feel the bamboo shorts which were deliciously soft.

I liked how breathable and lightweight they were. I hate feeling like I have layers of fabric on and I didn’t experience this at all.

There was no sliding or rolling of fabric on the leg or on my waist. I was concerned because I thought not coming right up to my waist it would or would feel like they were sliding down and that would drive me crazy but again they stayed in place all day long.

There was zero panty line.

They kept their shape all day. I was conscious of this because I thought there was a possibility with a cotton/spandex blend that by the end of the day I would have droopy drawers and stretched out legs.

They fit true to size.

I actually wore mine with a dress and a pair of pants which I appreciated the multi-use options.

They washed up like a charm.

Obviously, I haven’t had a chance to try these in the summer but I did really like the fact they kept me pretty cozy on my dog walk in -11. So you can say they are multi-seasonal too.

I can’t really say I had any nays for this product. I would probably classify them as hmmmms:

I was interested to see how the cotton/spandex worked with a dress that was a jersey knit. The materials did stick alittle bit but not as bad as I expected. I would probably be okay with wearing them together but I would be aware that I might need to straighten myself out every so often.

The length of the leg came to just above my knees. I think I would prefer them to be just alittle bit shorter. Not that I wear short skirts or dresses or even have any business doing so, I think with a shorter leg there wouldn’t be any chance of seeing them when bending over, getting out of the car or even if a breeze catches your dress.

Overall, I think this is a great product and recommend it. Any thing that stops “chub rub”, doesn’t add bulk and is breathable is a hit in my books.

Product Details
Find them at: Thigh Society
Colours available: black, white and nude
Material blends: bamboo/cotton/spandex or cotton/spandex
Sizes available: S – 4XL

Special thanks to this months sponsors
Satin Woods

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  1. I'm sad that you don't think you have business wearing short skirts - no size 'shouldn't' wear short skirts, if you want to!


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