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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Old Navy? Really? Yes!

As many of us you probably eagerly anticipated the launch of the Canadian Old Navy site.  And again like many of us you were probably super disappointed when you went to the site only to find they were not offering the plus size clothing like they do on the US site.

I did get a few emails from readers asking me if I had heard anything.  Sadly, I was in the dark just like you.  After a few emails to Old Navy asking them why, the result was a couple new enemies and a patent response saying they were not offering the plus size line to Canadians at this time.  I kept pushing for more answers to see if maybe in the near future they might be.  Still no commitment from them.

But good news, they haven't left us out.  I happen to be on the .com site and found that Canada has now been added to their international shipping list.  You can now order from Old Navy!

So I haven't actually placed an order yet but I did a "test" order just to see and everything seemed to go through.  They even calculate the custom fees and shipping so you don't get a surprize when the mailman arrives at your door.  With one item in my shopping cart the price was almost double but as I added more items the cost per dropped.  Keep in mind the cost for customs does go crazy when your order is $200+.

TIP: Save money by asking your friends if they would like anything and place one order together and split the custom and shipping costs.

My question is why the customer service people didn't share this information in their email and I had to find it out on my own.  Maybe I should let them know too.

Happy shopping at OldNavy - we have waited along time for it!

Women's Plus Buckled Button-Front Leather Jackets $199

Women's Plus Embellished Flutter-Sleeve Dresses $36.50

Twist-Front Jersey Dresses $36.50

Distressed Boot-Cut Jeans $36.50


  1. I recently purchased from the Old Navy US website in order to access the Plus size line. The items were all very large and did not match their size guide. Additionally, Returns are to be shipped back at my expense and they charge a $15 fee. Never again.

  2. That is too bad! I do know the sizes do fit bigger but I am surprized they would match the sizing guide.
    And a $15 fee?!?!? That is crazy. I am sorry it didn't work out for you.
    I appreciate you letting us know your experience.


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