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Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Conversation With SexyPlus Clothing

Have you heard of or checked out SexyPlus Clothing?  If you haven't you should!

SexyPlus Clothing is an online store that caters to plus size women.  You will find a nice variety of classic styles and club wear that is different then what is currently in the stores.  The collection is about colour, pattern and interesting silhouettes.  If you are looking for something different than everybody else, I encourage you to take a peak.

I had a chance to ask Stefanie, Owner, a few questions about her business and this is what she had to say.

(Stefanie, has generously offered FREE shipping to all of you.  To take advantage of this offer, after you place an order send her an email via the Contact page telling her you want FREE shipping and she will credit it back to you.)

How long have been selling plus size clothing?
SexyPlus Clothing was founded in June 2009, and our website lauched Oct 2009. We celebrated with a fashion show and a party and used professional and non-professional models to showcase our introductory line. People can view pics here in our Fashion Photos Gallery.

How did you get started?
I was laid off from a 10-year corporate job in the financial industry, and it was a blessing. I wrote a business plan, decided to build a website with affordable international shipping, and flew to New York and Las Vegas in search of suppliers and manufacturers.

Why plus size clothing?

As a plus size woman, a native Montrealer, and someone who loves fashion, I always struggled with finding retailers who carried the styles and sizes that I needed. Of the few retailers that did carry plus sizes, I found the styles to be lacking; they were not very fashion forward, trendy or sexy. The Canadian marketplace simply neded more options.

How do you decide on what designs to offer your customers?
Most curvy women either want to conceal their arms or their tummy and so I select styles that are figure flattering and versatile. I also look for styles that are unique and hard to find in Canada in plus sizes. Many curvy women are frustrated that manufacturers don't produce the same trendy, sexy styles in plus sizes that they do in smaller sizes and we deliver just that.

Are there specific lines or designers that you offer?
We carry fashions from many different manufactures which allows us to offer a vast selection at affordable price, and our best selling, most figure flattering line is Pretty Woman.

Do you have a business philosophy?
With customers, partners and suppliers alike, we operate with integrity and professionalism in all facets of the business. The only way to build a successful business is to build a solid reputation and this comes into play in every decision or action that we take. We invite customers to provide feedback and testimonials openly on our Facebook Fan Page so that other customers can see the real deal.

You sell your fashions
online and in stores, can you tell us where we might find your products?

Our website offers affordable, speedy international shipping and our entire collection is currently available inside Maximum Woman, located at 2120 Eglinton Ave W in Toronto. We partnered with Maximum Woman in Feb 2010 to offer customers the best one-stop shopping for plus sizes in Toronto where they can find sexy lingerie to formal gowns and everything in between. With free parking, 4 spacious change rooms, superior service and personal attention, the response has been amazing and we hope to see your readers in store.

You ship across Canada and US?
We ship internationally because we understand that there are many places in the world that are still underserved when it comes to plus size fashion.

I often hear plus size women say I love that outfit but I will buy it only after I lose 10lbs, what would you say to her?
Yes it's true, but looking great comes from feeling great, and feeling great needs to be right now. In fact, once a woman feels great in what she is wearing, whether it be for every day casual, the office or a special occasion, that is when she is closer to reaching her goal of loosing said "10 pounds" because she is on a positive streak. We recommend using shapewear, like the Body Wrap which is affordable and available at Maximum Woman in sizes XL to 4X. It allows women to wear garments they never would have imagined being able to wear and look fabulous in.

And what have you selected for yourself from this season's styles?
I always try to be disciplined but I want one of everything. I have several Pretty Woman tops and dresses, which can be worn many different ways in different seasons. For example, the Pretty Woman Alfresco Dress in black is a perfect summer black dress with great swing and grace, and in Fall I wear it with a brown shrug and brown boots. Creativity and layering are key in getting the most usage accross different seasons with our garments.

Feel free to share any info or suggestions to our readers.
Our website is awesome, easy to use, safe with affordable international shipping. We also love when our customers send us photos for our Fashion Photos section and provide feedback on their experience. We will always ensure our customer is happy.

I also suggest you check out the SexyPlus Clothing Blog.  I frequently find interesting and thought provoking topics. 

Here are a couple of my favourite items:

Button Down Denim Plus Size Jumpsuit

Cloud Nine V-Neck Top
Ohh and she also carries a few Halloween Costumes:

Miss Mod Plus Size Costume
Private SEXY Plus Size Costume


  1. Thank you for the interview Sherri and for spreading the word. Curvy women all over the world need options and that's why we exist. We hope to serve your readers very soon and hope that they take advantage of the FREE SHIPPING limited time offer.

  2. Thanks for sharing this information. There are a lot of Fashionable plus size clothing online.


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