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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Old Navy Skinnies on Sale!

Have you ever thought skinny jeans…  nah, not for me?  Think again!

Honestly, I thought exactly the same thing, “There is no way, they are not for me.” But I was shopping the other day and a sales rep brought me a pair and so I thought why not.  I am so glad I did.  They are a lot more flattering than I thought they would be, not to mention super comfortable.

My other skinny misconception, I thought I was limited to wearing a tunic – wrong again!  You have just as many options with skinny jeans as with regular jeans; sweaters, blazers, blouses, tunics, tees, scarves, belted, boots, heels, flats.  Your looks are endless!

I have put together a couple of casual looks here using the Old Navy Skinnies that are on sale until October 2nd, starting at $19.  (I should mention I paid 3x that amount at another store that shall remain unnamed).   I encourage you to check out the Old Navy options, they have a ton of different looks with patterns and colours to choose from.  You will find options in sizes 16-30

Old Navy Skinnies

plus size skinny jeans

Trust me!  Try them you might be surprised. #ampedONstyle

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