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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

A Product Review of Neon Budha and Pure Handknit

I was given the privilege of doing a product review for two companies:  neon budha and Pure HandKnit, sold separately but distributed by the same company.

You have seen more and more companies becoming more socially aware and ethical in how they do business and these two companies are leading the industry.  Here is how…

Although Canadian designed, the clothing is manufactured in Chiang Mai with a focus on women.  These women are given the opportunity to benefit from the core ethical working standards which are company paid health care, maternity leave and continuing education which includes English classes for not only staff but also their family and friends.

Both companies are also environmental conscious using solar power to heat hot water, Thailand staff are kept cool and Canadian staff warm by installing extra insulation, and dozens of trees have been planted to offset their carbon air foot print.

And if that wasn’t enough they donate 1% of each sale to various organizations plus any excess yarn and fabric is donated to non-governmental women’s organizations to be used to generate income.

Now let’s look at each company individually starting with Pure Handknit.  Made with 100% cotton yarn, what is so unique about Pure Handknit is that each piece is individually knit by hand by 3500 women knitters in Chiang Mai, Thailand.  Handknit!  I know, I was surprized to learn this too.  It is rare to find an entire line of clothing knitted by hand.

I LOVE the two sweaters they sent me which were both in cream colour:

Vanetta Cable Cardigan

Rustic Patchwork Tunic

They look great; they fit to size (offering women’s sizes in 1X-3X) and wash perfectly.  I washed both on gentle, with cold water and hung them to dry.  I was so happy to find they kept their shape. 

The look and the quality of each piece is gorgeous to say the least.  I can’t express how the quality is really what makes these pieces.  You would expect to find sweaters like this to be WAY more expensive.

When I was initially asked to do a product review I was secretly hoping I would get one of each piece to try, I loved everything in their line.  For a knitwear company their styles are fashion forward and unique.  Here are just a couple of my favourites from their line:

Brisbane Cable Wrap

Patchwork Button Wrap 

Rosalyn Popover

Now to neon budha, their tagline is nirvana for your body and soul.  They offer lifestyle clothing for travel, work, home and yoga.  Made from 100% preshrunk cotton blends, this line is for women looking to be comfortable but stylish.  Using an amazing mix of colours neon budha has made knitwear something completely acceptable to wear to the office and not just something you wear to run out and get groceries.

Again, the sizing was true to size (1X-3X), washes great, and cozy, cozy, cozy.  When I wear the shirts I received from neon budha I can’t help from rubbing my arms.  The material is so soft; they are my favourites to pull on for a chilly fall day.  I know you can’t see me but I am wearing one right now!

These are the styles I had the opportunity to test drive both in white:

Button Tab Top

Kylie Cowl Tunic

Here are a couple of my favourites from their line:

Cowl Neck Tunic

Ruffle Collar Jacket

Straight Leg Pant

 I should add that both lines are also available in regular sizes too.

I highly recommend both neon budha and Pure Handknit lines.  You will not be disappointed.  Their products can be found in boutiques across Canada.

Happy Shopping

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