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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

FREE Clothing from SexyPlus Clothing

I bet you have been wondering how did she earn FREE clothing at SexyPlus Clothing?
I hosted a Big Sexy Shopping Party!

I called all my favourite shopping friends and we all met at SexyPlus Clothing on a Friday night.  We were greeted with a smile from Stefanie (boutique owner) as always and we jumped into shopping immediately.

Interestingly each one of my friends has a completely different body shape and a different style then one another but everyone was able to find a number of pieces to try on.
  This is just one of the reasons why I love to shop at SexyPlus Clothing; there is literally something for everyone.  The size range is 12+ - 6X.

What I love about shopping with my girlfriends is that we all push each other to try on things that we wouldn’t otherwise try on.
 In some cases these don’t always work out and result in a big laugh for all.  Sorry Jess! (My sister-in-law is always game to try anything I pass her.  I will admit to passing her some things “just to see” heehee)

k,k, - back to the topic… I think it is easy to get stuck in a rut trying on the same sort of cut, style even colour but keeping an open mind of suggestions from your friends will help you to avoid that style rut.  I figure they are not going to steer me wrong, they have to be seen with me!

When you shop in SexyPlus Clothing you will become fast friends with Stefanie.
  She makes you feel very comfortable and creates a fun shopping atmosphere.  As our hostess with the mostess , she was fantastic; helping with suggestions, sharing her knowledge of the various product lines, providing beverages when we were parched and taking special orders for items we needed in different sizes.

As the host of the party I received 15% of what the total purchases were from the party to put towards my purchase.
  It worked out great for me, I had a hard time deciding between a black or purple top and so when everything was totaled I got both!

I wasn’t the only one to benefit from Big Sexy Shopping Party.
  My invitees also received at 15% off their purchases.  We all left with a bag and a smile on our faces.

So what did I buy?

Signature Wrap Cardigan
Enchanted Top purple
Disco Belt
Enchanted Top black
Phenomenon Stretch Boot Cut Slacks

Plus a fantastic one of a kind Kimono style satin top in an animal print, exclusively designed for SexyPlus Clothing.

I highly recommend you book a Big Sexy Shopping Party today!   It is a fun thing to do before the craziness of the holidays start and you will get a jumpstart on finding that perfect holiday dress.
Call Stefanie!

Happy Shopping,


  1. Sherri,
    It was awesome and so easy to host you and your friends. I agree with what you said above: it's nice when friends push each others' comfort zones because it's the only way we discover new styles and cuts that we might not otherwise try.
    Thank you again for having your party with us, and for the kind words above. xox Stefanie, owner, SexyPlus Clothing


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