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Friday, July 8, 2011

Slipping Bra Strap Solution and a Giveaway

A cure for slipping straps?  I know right!

I was recently contacted by Paula from the StrapDoctor to try her innovative product.  She provides a simple solution to stop bra straps that slide down your shoulder.

Now sometimes you may be going for this look (nudge, nudge, wink, wink) but most times it is annoying, frustrating and can totally turn a “look” from good to bad really fast.
I received my package and was happy to find each comes with 2pairs; 1 narrow and 1 regular width. 
Instructions were really simply...
1.  remove from package – done.
2.  insert under each strap – easy peasy.
3.  oh I am done already – no slipping bra straps.
The material is a like a clear rubbery plastic, smooth on one side, rough textured on the other.  It is this texture that sticks to your bra strap.  The smooth side goes against your skin.
They are super comfortable. Now I have to say with these girls, 46 Long J I don’t typically have problems with bra straps slipping but a few of my bras will move around enough to be annoying.  These are the ones I used the Strap Doctor on and it was great.  No slippage, so comfortable you forget they are even there.
And that is what I THOUGHT was the only drawback but it turns out that isn’t a problem either.  At night getting ready for bed I undressed and forgot about them.  Just as I was falling asleep I remembered, and jumped up to make sure I didn’t lose them.  Later I learned from Paula that the straps are designed and tested to stay on even in the wash.  Yes, they are reusable so I do recommend you keep the packaging to use as a place holder for them when not in use.
The StrapDoctor also works with dress straps, tank tops and probably any other clothing that just won’t stay on your shoulder.
I appreciated the opportunity to try this cool product but what impressed me most was the story of how Paula came up with the idea.  Inside the packaging is her full story.  I will give you the really fast version… as a farmer in P.E.I. Paula would get frustrated with her bra strap sliding all the time while she worked.   She decided to fix the problem which was inspired by shelf liner material.
I love me a great Canadian business woman success story.
Paula has kindly offered a giveaway of 6 StrapDoctors to Plus Size Fashion readers.  To enter just post a comment saying “I hate slipping straps!”  We will randomly select 6 different winners.  I will post the names on August 1/11 so watch for your name.  As a winner I will ask you to send me an email with your mailing address.
If you are so frustrated with slipping straps that you can’t wait until August to find out if you are a winner, you can order the cure on Paula’s website
Two thumbs up from me!


  1. I hate slipping straps!

  2. I hate slipping straps!

  3. I love slipping straps! Lol. I'm kidding, but I have some friend who actually considers it to be fashionable and quite the guy-magnet. Who knows, maybe I'll give it a try some night.


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