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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Craigspass, a modern approach to couponing

Have you heard of Craigspass? Started by a Toronto company, it is like real time couponing.

So the idea is you join Craigspass and you will be notified with your mobile device or computer of sales, contests and exclusive offers within your area or even where you are right now!

After joining search for your favourite stores click “follow” to stay updated on their latest offers.
If a store is offering something you would like to share with your friends click “want” and they will learn of the great deal too.

To receive the offer no need for clipping coupons or using vouchers just walk into the store and show them your phone. Tada you just saved money!

Craigspass will never let you miss a great deal.  Out and about on a Saturday, take your phone and on your travels learn of what sales are happening around you.

I think the service sounds pretty cool but the company’s success is really dependent on both consumers and shop-owners.  Shop-owners really have to stay current and use the service (Which by the way doesn’t cost them anything unless someone actually redeems the special so why wouldn’t stores sign-up?)  And the job of the consumer is just shop and share.

I personally haven’t used it yet BUT it is on my todo list.  How did I learn about this service?  SexyPlus Clothing.  Stefanie is always embracing new technology and looking for new ways to stay in touch and keep her customers informed of what is happening at her store.

In case you were wondering, she does have an exclusive contest happening right now.  Click “want” on her contest and have a chance to win an iPhone 4 from Craigspass.  They have partnered to get the Craigspass word out.  The contest needs 400 “wants” by July 8th to activate.  If they hit 400 “wants” your name is entered into the draw.  I definitely WANT that!

While on the subject of SexyPlus Clothing, if you are in the city (Toronto) Saturday Stefanie is celebrating being 3 months Yonge with a  BOGO Sale (Buy one get one half off), a Sidewalk Fashion Show and a chance to win $100 SexyPlus gift certificate.  A party, shopping and saving all at the same time… sweet! 

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  1. Thanks Sherri. It's a known fact that coupons might help us save in the short term, but in the long terms it's quite the money spender. So girls, better watch it!


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