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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Shopping at the New SexyPlus Clothing Store

As of April 9th, the retail store for SexyPlus Clothing officially opened in downtown Toronto (901 Yonge St.)  The Grand Opening was such a fun afternoon I spent with my girlfriends Liz and Laurie.  Stefanie, owner of SexyPlus Clothing and her super blogger sidekick Nina were gracious hosts.

There were fun fruity drinks, treats to keep our energy up and Jessica Sheppard singing to people on the street and customers in the store.  Check her out, she is a fantastic local talent that will be going places.

Liz, Laurie and I took our time browsing the store, challenging each other to try on things we wouldn't normally have tried.

On my first walk through the store I had looked at the Ruffle Shuffle Top, Liz and I both agreed there was too much going on with the colour, pattern and ruffles.  Suzanne, helping at the store that day convinced me to try it on,  saying she had it and loves it.  Wow, was I shocked, it hides everything!  I hold most of my weight in my stomach and with the Ruffle Shuffle top you can't tell.  I totally thought with the ruffles laying on my stomach it would add inches but I was so wrong. It is my new favourite!

I tried on a few things from the Pretty Woman line and was happy to see the sizing was a true plus size fit.  I wear a 3x/4x.  I should also mention the quality of Pretty Woman... really nice to the touch with enough stretch in the fabric to make it super comfortable but not too much that it looks sloppy.

I also purchased the Arwen Sun Plus Size Sheath Dress, which I have had my eye on for sometime now

and this little pink number I plan to wear as a top:

Each of us left the store with a few pieces which was really good because the all wear different sizes and have very different body shapes.  The rest of the afternoon was spent discussing how awesome we will look in our new clothes over yummy mexican food.
I know there are a ton of new arrivals to be posted to the SexyPlus Clothing online store so if you are not in the Toronto area don't worry you will beable to place an order soon.

My only criticizim was that I didn't win the $500 Shopping Spree!  I had it spent already :)
Two thumbs up to the new SexyPlus Clothing store.


  1. Awesome day at an awesome store!

  2. Sherri, thank you for your lovely post. It was a pleasure serving you and meeting your friends, even though Suzanne and Nina did most of the work! We are very proud of our little boutique here in downtown Toronto, and of the variety of fresh, fun, versatile fashions we have here. Thick is the new skinny, and we beleive plus size fashion should be a celebration, not an apology. Many new items have been added to our website including our sultry new Zen collection. We do ship internationally, so we hope to serve your readers soon!
    With love, Stefanie, SexyPlus Clothing


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