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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Introducing Loko Plus Lifestyle Wear with a 10% Off Offer

Recently my attempt at living a healthier lifestyle has included participating in a yoga class.  Effective and fun - yes. Pretty to watch - not so much.  How important is it to my health that I can wrap my leg over my head?  It isn't like I can or will show other people, "Hey everyone look at my new party trick!" Alright, alright maybe I would if I could actually do it.

I also know it is hard to look good doing anything in a crappy old tee and sweatpants.  Time to ditch that look and go for something that makes me feel good when I put it on.  I am sure I would feel motivated in cute well-fitting sportswear, which leads me to introducing Loko Plus, our newest ad sponsor. 

Sandra, owner/designer of Loko Sport/Plus  recently contacted me to introduce her line of plus size sportwear.  I was quite excited to see the great styles and colours she offered but also her ethical approach to business.

Some background, Loko Plus active/lifestyle wear is a woman's line designed for the plus-sized woman who is looking for quality, polish and comfort in her casual and activewear.
I interviewed Sandra to find out more about her business and products, I thought you might like to learn more:

Tell us how you started designing sportswear and for how long?
I decided I wanted to be a fashion designer at age 13. I started sewing my own clothes and making patterns using newspapers. My older sister decided to enroll us both in a Fanshawe College evening patternmaking course when I was 15. I was thrilled that I knew how to now make patterns that actually fit!
After highschool, I headed off to Toronto to study Fashion Design at Ryerson. To make a long story short, I started my own business Loko Sport in 1995 after getting some experience working as a pattern grader on Spadina, a part time seamstress at the National Ballet, and as a design room assistant at Body Wraps Aerobics Wear. Loko Sport started out by supplying Canadian cheerleading teams with uniforms and then branched into competitive dance costumes after my daughter took ballet. When she headed off to Grade 1 in 2005, I decided that I would now have the opportunity to start my women's activewear line and sell to retailers.
Loko Sport and Loko Plus is now sold to boutique stores across Canada, and I just picked up stores in Australia and Antigua.

How is your garments different then what we find in the stores?
Loko garments fit and flatter a real woman's body from size 4 to 24. I do the patternmaking myself. In the tops and jackets, I add extra tummy room and nip in the waist to give shape. Most of my customers want tops that can be worn with a bra. Pant rises are generally mid to high rise so they cover our curves instead of creating a muffin top. I use lots of bright colour paired with black on the bottom. Lastly, the Canadian-made quality can not be beat. The fabric feels amazing to wear, and the garments last forever.

Why is it important to you that the garments are "fair-wage" and environmentally friendly?
Many popular brands are made off shore where labour standards are much lower than Canada's. The garment workers get paid about $5.00 per day for a 10-12 hour day. Loko is made in Canada where workers get paid competitive wages and are then able to put the money they earn back in our local economy.
Environmentally friendly fabrics are becoming more and more available. When a fabric is made with bamboo, it becomes naturally breathable, wickable and anti-bacterial. Bamboo is essentially a grass which grows easily in little water and regenerates itself in 30 days. It also requires no pesticides.

How is the Loko Plus different then the Loko Sport?
I started Loko Sport first in 2005: sizes XS-XL. As time went on, women asked me for Plus sizes, so I created Loko Plus in 2009: sized 1X-4X, and happily, it has been well received!

Other then on your website, where else can we find Loko Sport/Loko Plus.
Loko Sport/Plus is sold in boutique stores across Canada. They are listed on the website. I am working on getting the lines into more stores. I see a real demand out there that retailers are starting to address.

Is there anything else you would like to tell us about your company and products?
I love what I do. I makes me happy when a woman puts on one of my designs and loves the way she looks and feels. Every woman deserves to feel comfortable and beautiful no matter what size or age.

Sandra has generously created an exclusive offer to readers of Plus Size Fashion.  Receive 10% off your purchase until May 31, 2011.  When you place an order refer to code: BAMBOO10OFF

For individual Loko Plus orders please contact Loko Sport directly thru email or phone:
Email your order to:
Phone in your order: 519.471.0504


  1. I am not overstating when I say that I was ECSTATIC to find LokoPlus recently. I teach Yoga for Round Bodies classes in Toronto (and am plus-size myself) and was pretty tired of the same-old same-old--unflattering or bland t-shirts, yoga pants that get baggy knees way to soon after purchase.

    My reaction with Loko clothing when I wore it the first time was "I'll end up with the whole line in my closet eventually." The quality is EXCELLENT (I agree with the word the author chose, "polish"), the cutting is flattering, the colours pop, they're stylish and feel great to wear. And the true test is that they're not only great for wearing anytime, they'll also stand up to a lot of yoga.

    Thank you Sandra at Loko Plus for thinking of us round girls and including us in your beautiful yoga apparel line!

  2. I am a customer and fan of Loko Plus active wear! It covers what I want covered, it moves with me and looks great. I wear the jackets everywhere, to the gym, yoga, grocery store! Loko Plus is easy care and feels great on. To use an old saying "try it, you'll like it!"

  3. Fabulous clothing. Thanks for the info. I wanna see some of their clothing collection.

    plus size clothing australia

  4. Judith and Tina, it is always helpful to hear testimonials of the quality and fit. Thanks for sharing!


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