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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Luvees Really Stopped Thigh Rubbing!

Bye bye chaffing, burning and pain caused by thighs rubbing together! You don’t have to suffer any longer.

Recently I had the opportunity to do a product review for Luvees, The Discreet, Comfortable Thigh Solution. Yes, there is a solution!

Luvees has two different solutions a Panty Coverall (All in One) and a Thigh Coverall. Both are a silky spandex lace with an inner cotton panel that helps to stop your thighs from rubbing, while keeping you dry and cool all day.

The Panty Coverall is a one piece that looks like a girdle but isn’t a girdle. They are $27 US and are available in Nude, Pink, White and Black with sizes ranging from S – 4X.

I had the opportunity to try the pink which is a very light and subtle colour. There were no fears of this colour showing through a light colour skirt. To the touch they are very soft and lightweight and for being so functional, I thought they were very pretty.

My testing began during a week-long heat wave when the temperatures were over 44 degrees celsius with the humidity. It was the ultimate test for my new Luvees, and they passed with flying colours.

Being able to strut my stuff without concern of my thighs rubbing was amazing. In that humidity there are too many other things to worry about like make-up melting and even worse huge humidity hair!

The Panty Coverall was super comfortable and very natural feeling. The only drawback I found was the length. On me they came to just above my knee which I personally would have preferred them to be abit higher on my thigh. That being said the spandex lace is really pretty, and it would just look like a slip if anyone were to catch a glimpse of it. (Anita from Luvees clarified that the Nude and Pink are slightly longer then the Black and White)

The Thigh Coverall is like a band that goes around your thighs. They are $22.50 US and come in colours Nude, Pink, White and Black and sizes S – 4X.

Made of a comfortable elastic and spandex lace, the silky cotton panels are placed on the inner thigh. At first they felt a little strange having never worn anything like this before but I quickly and easily got used to them.

I have to be honest my fear as I walked out the door with these on was that they would slide down my leg, and I as I stood at a stop sign they would be around my ankles – you know one of those moments that thankfully only happen in nightmares. Thankfully this did not happen- they stayed up and in place all day long!

As I was walking the Luvee on my left leg felt like it was sliding down but I resisted the urge to pull them up just to see what would happen. And nothing happened, as I say they stayed in place all day long.

They equally kept my thighs from rubbing and helped to maintain a feeling of being cool and dry. In 44+ degrees that is a nearly impossible feat.

I also liked the length of these, coming down to mid-thigh.

My final test was the laundry test, would they wash well and keep their shape and elasticity? And the result was YES! Both maintained their shape when easily washed in the machine and left to dry by laying flat.

I think it is important to mention that the sizes are true. The size I wore was the same as I would in a pant/shirt.

Although my personal preference is for the Thigh Coverall, only because of the length, I would highly recommend both to anyone and everyone. Thigh rubbing is not just a plus size issue. Women of all sizes deal with this (unless you’re a freak of nature and your thighs don’t actually touch), save yourself a lot of pain and suffering and pick-up a pair or two.

If my rave review of this product wasn’t encouragement enough for you to order a pair, Anita from has kindly offered an exclusive discount to all of you. Get 25% off your total order (excluding shipping and handling fees), just use the coupon code PSFCA at Offer ends August 12, 2010.

Bring on the heat I am ready for you!


  1. Hey quick ?....Do they squeeze the meat on your legs? I'm just worried it will be unflattering or look like my legs have rolls, where they don't. :)

  2. Not at all! That is something I was to mention. I was concerned that I would have the sausage roll look but that is not the case. The Panty coverall actually is a stretch lace so it doesn't use elastic to stay up and is a smooth line. Same thing for the Thigh coverall however they do use elastic to stay up. I think the key is to purchase the size you wear, obviously if you order a few sizes too small it will squish your thighs.


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