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Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Nitty Gritty About Me

I have so many blogs I follow it is kind of crazy but the ones I enjoy the most I have to say are the ones where I have an opportunity to learn a little bit more about the author.  This got me thinking, maybe I should share some details about myself.  Why not we are all friends here right?

Age: Proudly 41
Hair: pick a colour, it’s in there.
Eyes: Green

Location: Toronto, Canada
Marital Status: Common-law for a million years, okay 12yrs but close enough.
Kids: One that has fur and a tail
Career: I run a graphics design company with my husband
Education: Graduated College in Fashion Merchandising
Addictions: Etsy, chocolate, creativity, accessories, shoes, Rock Band, Home Sense and most recently photography
Likes: Crafting including making jewellery, shopping, gardening, surfing the internet, home décor blogs, hanging with friends, playing Modern Warfare on Xbox and listening to the Sunday morning Trivia show on CFRB
Dislikes: Cooking and cleaning up after I have cooked
Interesting Life Tidbits: I was actually graded on how I dressed in college. I once rode in an elevator with a tiger. In my previous job I won a trip to Portugal to see Bryan Adams in concert. I am currently a TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) Co-leader.

Now it is your turn, tell me something interesting about yourself.


  1. I have to take a moment and say hurrah!
    I found your webpage full of links recently and ordered some amazing , boutique style faves came from Dream Diva :)

    I read about you here and realize we have much in common.
    Also 41 ( for another week or so ) living with my artist partner for almost 18 years -fur babies only, 3 cats and 2 northern dogs.

    I run a theatre company with my partner, for youth and am a vocal coach. he also works at a high school with at risk youth.
    I do spend much time time crafting creating art with my fingers.
    I have a blog, albeit a bit neglected right now during show season.

    I am ecstatic to have cool things I love in my closet once more. Usually I have to make what I want.
    So again I say hurrah!

    and thank you.

  2. Hi, I too found your website/blog by chance just doing a random search. I feel I'm in DESPARATE need, I mean DESPARATE need of a makeover. Since I'll have to give myself one I thought I'd better get searching for stuff.
    Let's see, I'm 39, married for 8 years and the mom of 4 fur babies (and I don't mean hairy toddlers either). We have a big change in our life now as the hubster has decided to go back to school full time (2 years to go straight through) to become a teacher. So now I've taken on a second job to help keep us afloat. It's been easy to feel overwhelmed to the point where wearing foundation even seems like an effort - let alone high heels!

    I work in a corporate environment that gives me little inspiration fashion wise. So it's been easy for me to sprial out of control in the clothing catagory.

    I remember in my 20's I took my look very seriously, plus sized and all, it made no difference you know. I felt great, looked great. Then I got married..and zoom to blah. I'm not sure why, when or how, but I just can't get my act together.
    Anyway - I'm so very pleased that I found your blog and will go have a look at everything.

    I have a blog too - and I hope you'll stop by and say hello.


  3. Thanks so much for sharing Hayley and Kimmee! It was great to hear from you both. I am with you Hayley it is easy to feel overwhelmed and not want to put the effort in. I bet though when you do, you do feel better about yourself and when you feel better about yourself you probably feel like you have more energy to take on "life". I encourage you to squeek out abit of time for yourself.
    No foundation, no problem, abit of blush, lip gloss, does wonders.

    The coporate world can suck out the creativity in a wardrobe but if you can insert some of your own style with accessories or interesting colour combinations it might not seem so bad.

    Kimmee, keep up the great work you do!

    Off to check out Hayley's blog.


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