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Monday, September 30, 2013

Old Navy Skinny Look Ideas!

Have you tried the new skinny jeans yet?

I was taking a look at the Old Navy Plus site (now that they ship to Canada) trying to decide on which skinnies I was going to purchase and found a bunch of looks they had put together.

Old Navy Skinnies on Sale

I love the options available with a skinny jean, as I mentioned previously.  I think you are only limited by your own imagination.  But today I think I am going to go with their imagination and choose one of their looks to take advantage of the Old Navy Skinnies Sale.  Sale ends October 2nd, and prices start at $19!

Are you ready to try a skinny jean now?  For $19, there is nothing to lose!  #ampedONstyle

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Old Navy Skinnies on Sale!

Have you ever thought skinny jeans…  nah, not for me?  Think again!

Honestly, I thought exactly the same thing, “There is no way, they are not for me.” But I was shopping the other day and a sales rep brought me a pair and so I thought why not.  I am so glad I did.  They are a lot more flattering than I thought they would be, not to mention super comfortable.

My other skinny misconception, I thought I was limited to wearing a tunic – wrong again!  You have just as many options with skinny jeans as with regular jeans; sweaters, blazers, blouses, tunics, tees, scarves, belted, boots, heels, flats.  Your looks are endless!

I have put together a couple of casual looks here using the Old Navy Skinnies that are on sale until October 2nd, starting at $19.  (I should mention I paid 3x that amount at another store that shall remain unnamed).   I encourage you to check out the Old Navy options, they have a ton of different looks with patterns and colours to choose from.  You will find options in sizes 16-30

Old Navy Skinnies

plus size skinny jeans

Trust me!  Try them you might be surprised. #ampedONstyle

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Shopping Old Navy for a trip to Cityline

Something fun;  my mom has received tickets to go and watch Cityline live in studio and there is 4 of us going.  The cool thing is that is for the Makeover Madness show.  This got me thinking.  I am months past due for a hair cut wouldn't it be cool to be chosen for one of the makeovers.  With this mop I am sporting, ummm yeah!

So I have devised a strategy to be one of the people they pick.  At first I was like… just show up with bad hair and no make-up.  But then what happens if I don’t get picked?  I have to sit there potentially on national television with no make-up and really bad hair.  Nope, not good!

Then I strategize what if I go with my current mop, and not get it done before the show, wear plain make-up and a really funky outfit?  My thought process is when they are scouring the crowd for potential makeover candidates they will say to themselves… “hmmm, cool outfit but ahhh poor girl her hair and makeup don’t match the look.  We should update her look to be more fitting.  I pick her!”

Now it is quite possible that they look over and say to themselves “Whoa, call the janitor, he has left his mop out here in the crowd”.

What do you think?  Is that a good strategy?  Do you have any suggestions?
So now the discussion goes to what to wear.  Because I have nothing in my closet I must buy something new and the caveat… budget.  I don’t want to spend a lot.

Old Navy has announced they are offering Plus Size Online in Canada I have been visiting their site regularly thinking I should try it out.  I decided to put together three potential outfits that might work for my “strategy” using Old Navy options. 

Then I get thinking, what if I were to grab all of these items now because a lot of them on sale?  I save money, save time and would be a have great start to my fall wardrobe.   Old Navy is making it really easy for me!

Wish me luck on my TV makeover quest.  I will keep you posted on how it all goes.

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