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Friday, February 1, 2013

KIYONNA, A One Stop Shop

I was wearing my fabulous Kiyonna top the other day thinking about how well it washes and how well it has kept it's shape over the years and thought I should take a peak at what is new.

While browsing I was also daydreaming about getting the frak out town.  How great it would be to take a trip somewhere warm and sunny.  I then progressed to silently cursing my girlfriend for moving back to Canada from St. Maarten; if only she still lived there I would have a place to go and get away from this miserable cold, and snow and shoveling and... ahhh I digress.

My point of this blog post was while browsing and daydreaming I realized if I were to go away I could get everything I would need to look fantastic at Kiyonna.  Whatever my plans were; lazing at the beach, day trips, sightseeing and dancing the night away.  If you don't believe me check out what I would be getting if I were planning a trip.

K, now I am super excited about my imaginary trip.  I think my new Kiyonna clothes will travel perfectly and most importantly I will look adorable sunning with an icy margarita in this swimsuit!

For those lucky enough to be actually planning a trip check out Kiyonna I bet you will find something perfect for your adventure.  Plus they are having a sale this weekend:

Kiyonna Plus Size Clothes

If you are going away, I would love to hear where!

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