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Friday, March 30, 2012

Styled to Surprise with a Penningtons Trench Coat

A few weeks ago I was getting my Saturday morning started when “bing bong” my doorbell rang.  It was a courier with a big box for whom?  ME!

I was so excited I ripped it open to find a gorgeous Styled to Surprise box from Penningtons – I say mission accomplished.  Inside was a trench coat in a fabulous orangey red, I would describe it as a deep red grapefruit colour.  Whatever colour it is, the colour is absolutely beautiful.  On the inside of the jacket is a fun polka dot pattern that just makes you smile.

Like I said I have had the jacket for a few weeks but didn’t want to blog about it until I had chance to wear it.  The weather up until the last couple of days has been unbelievable here in Toronto.  Sunny and hot – people were wearing shorts in March and hairy men were taking their shirts off.  Yup, that hot!

The last few days have been cooler, damp and dreary making it perfect to try my new trench coat out.  LOVE IT!  The colour is what makes it special.  As soon as you put it on you feel fabulous, and the dreariness of the day just disappears.  Everywhere I go I get compliments from sales people, cashiers and best of all, my husband.  This coat is not for the shrinking violet type, you standout when you are out and about. 

I should also mention the fit is perfect and size is true to size.

When I looked it up online I have to say the image didn’t impress me.  It would not be something I would have taken a second look at but when I saw the jacket styled the way it should be in the Penningtons Spring 2012 Look Book, it illustrated how fantastic the jacket really was.

Now I wish every Saturday started with a surprise like this… and now they kind of do; Penningtons will be offering “Surprize Saturday” specials.

They don’t give us a heads up you just have to check their website weekly to find out if and what is on special.
 Love this idea, before my big Saturday surprise was if my husband made me coffee and took the dog out.

If you haven’t been to the Penningtons website lately, they have made some changes.  Bigger thumbnails and pictures;  so when you use the zoom feature you can actually see the garment details, plus a new search by size and colour feature making it much more user friendly. 

Penningtons offers clothing for plus size women up to Size 6x and ships internationally.

They also have a contest running right now.  Fill Your Bag and Win up to $1000, enter here.

Happy Shopping!

PS Thanks Penningtons for the great coat, I appreciate it.

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  1. Really love the color of the coat - very pretty!


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