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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Uncover The Best Styles And Cuts To Keep You Looking Cool All Summer Long

I am excited to have another guest blogger, Rebecca Morin an Image Consultant.  Take it away Rebecca!

Summer is here again, a time of endless flip flop wearing, lemonade by the pool and hanging out on the beach. If you are unable to sit at the poolside all day, sipping on lemonade and iced tea, staying cool with style can be tricky in the heat. Here are some of the best patterns, styles, cuts and fabrics to keep you looking stylish and sexy all summer long.   

Plus size women may find bathing suit season the big uneasy. Remember, your body is perfect just the way it is! Your curves are a sign of your femininity and beauty. Be bold this summer, feeling sexy and confident, is to believe that you are. You have the right to love your body and to feel strong and beautiful at all times. 

The first order of business, “Go With It!” The styles and patterns that best optimise a beautiful feminine body are ones that harmonize with your curves.  For instance, go with a more rounded or curved pattern to better match your shape. 
Chlorine Resistant Aqua Swirl Plus Size Crossback Swimsuit $40.60 from

If you wear a straighter pattern, such as vertical or horizontal lines, they may be fighting against your natural curves. The straighter pattern will stand out on your body, creating less harmony and look more detached and rigid. Diagonal lines can replace horizontal or vertical. Diagonal lines are less widening than horizontal, and less lengthening then vertical. They can often work very well as a substitute, depending on your body type. I would suggest patterns that have more flow, ease and curve, such as pokadots, floral prints and paisleys.

Softening Canton Mock Surplice Plus Size Swimdress $74.00 from

Remember the law of contrast. In contrasting sizes, the differences are emphasized. When a small scale is next to a large scale it will appear smaller and the larger scale will appear larger.  I would suggest keeping patterns on a larger scale. Rather then having a tiny print, be bold and do a larger print. Your body can handle it and it will be a better fit and more flattering. 
v-neckline printed side detail dress $39.99 from AdditionElle

This same concept of “Go with It” also applies to the best cuts and styles for your body. When dressing for the office, a light cotton Lenin blazer with a shall collar may have more harmony and match your body’s softness, opposed to a jacket with a straight angled lapel.

For casual, stick with summer tees that have a rounded neckline. A beautiful cowl neck is stunning on a woman with a larger chest depth. The flow and drape of the fabric, will match the beauty of your curves.
printed braided peek-a-boo top $29.99 from AdditionElle

If you have a more “A” shape body type, wear skirts and trousers that flow away from the body. If you have a less extreme “A” shape, a straighter skirt and trouser may be in better proportion.
Evelyn Dress by Igigi $101.95 from Satin Woods

Generally avoid pleats in your trousers and skirts they will create more width and bulk.

When it comes to finding the perfect summer time beach bathing suit, look for styles that support you. A soft halter top or sweetheart neckline with a criss-cross   backing may be supportive and flattering. Tank-inis and one piece bathing suit may flatter your body type well.  A solid colour bathing suit may be less distracting and create a more uniform look.  

Swank Punaluu Plus Size Halter Swimdress $54.99 from

When it comes to fabrics, choose more natural fibres, such as cotton or silk blends. Steer clear of fabrics that are too clingy, they will only create an unflattering look.  Cotton has good strength and abrasion resistance. It absorbs moisture quickly and is quick to dry which provides a cooling effect.

Silk also has excellent drape and luxurious hand. It is the thinnest of natural fibres. It is breathable and lightweight. 

No matter what it is your shopping for this summer, remember the three keys. 
Number one... choose patterns that match the scale and curve of your natural body.
Number two... find cuts and styles that best optimise your body type by mirroring your body shape rather then wearing styles that are fighting against you.
Number three... look for fabrics with natural fibre blends, they will be the most cool and comfortable for summer time heat. 
Enjoy your body and enjoy feeling sexy, confident and cool all summer long.

Rebecca is certified in Image Consulting and Advanced Image Consulting and also has a diploma in fashion from George Brown College. She offers a variety of services such as colour and style analysis, wardrobe audit, and workshops. 

I encourage you to contact Rebecca at or 416 788 1274

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