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Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh-ahhhhhh, I Love the Smell of Napalm in the Morning

Yes, this is the military post. One of the falls hottest trends is a military look. Kind of appropriate when you think about it, some days just leaving your house feels like you are heading into a war zone.

I can’t say this is my favourite trend but I think done well it can give you a really current look. So how do you do a military look well? Pick one military piece and add on to that. If you go full out with every piece military and camouflage you might cause a scare in the office. I can hear it now… “Is she going postal?”, “Are we under attack?”, “Do I need to build a bomb shelter?”

On my search I didn’t find a lot of selection but I have a feeling there will be more options available as fall merchandise arrives. Here are some items I did find as well as an example of how to wear a casual military look:

1. Plus Size Layered Stripe Black Top $29.99 from
2. Ballerina-style Shoe $59.99 from Sears
3. Jessica®/MD Bangle $25.00 from Sears
4. Jessica®/MD Slouchy Satchel Handbag $49.99 from Sears
5. Cargo Pant Convertible to Capri $49.99 from MXM
Military Cowboy $34.00 from MissPhit
Double Zip Jacket with Button Detail $69.99 from MXM
Camouflage Top $32 from Alight
Military style zip front top $44.95 from eshakti

Not a fan of the military look? Try incorporating similar colours or a military style cut but in more feminine pieces like these:

Obsessively Olive $32 from Alight

Ruffle strap pleated tunic $32.95 from eshakti

 Grey Chambray Top $36 from Alight
Sojurn Shrug $27.00 from LucieLu
Ruffle Cardi-Heather $42.00 from LucieLu

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