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Friday, August 13, 2010

Custom Fit Bridesmaid Dresses for Under $60

This morning, I thought I would check out eShakti to see what is new for fall and I was blown away by the gorgeous dresses. While oowwing over them wishing I had an event to attend, I thought wow this would be a great solution for bridesmaids dresses. Anyone who is having a fall/winter wedding should really check out some of these designs.  And why you ask?

Basically all of their clothing come in sizes from XS-3X (26) BUT here is the kicker, every piece can be customized to your measurements for a small fee - $7.50!

You name it, they can customize it to fit... bust, height, hips, arm length, if you want a sleeve added, a sleeve taken off, just ask and all just for an additional $7.50.  I should also mention you won't be waiting months to receive your customized piece, it only takes 3 days!

I know crazy, eh?!!?

Having gone through the agonizing process of being the only plus size bridesmaid in a bridal party and trying to find a dress that was "similar" to the others, eShakti would have saved alot of time and frustration - not to mention embarrassment.

I also have to mention the unbelievable prices. I actually took another swig of coffee when looking at the prices.  I thought wow I am still asleep I am not seeing these correctly, they were all under $60! 

Brides, look at these dresses:

Ruffled skirt strapless dress $59.95

Pleated ruffle hem dresss $59.95

Lace overlayer strapless dress $59.95
Ruffle front surplice dress $54.95

Petal applique empire waist dress $59.95


  1. Great post!
    I think it's amazing that they can offer that kind of alteration so quickly and at such a great price!

    Great find!

  2. Super cute and very affordable! Thanks, I would have never found their site!

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