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Friday, March 5, 2010

In the Trenches

The sun is shining today but I know that the rain is coming soon – in like a lion, out like a lamb. During this change of seasons I think it is important that every woman have a nice trench coat. So I went on the hunt for some plus size options. I hunted and I hunted and I hunted and I know you won’t be the least bit be surprized to learn there wasn’t much out there.

I was hoping to find some cute styles in spring brights plus some classic trenches. Ummm, yeah I didn’t find much but what I did find I do like. I started thinking maybe I was too early in my search but no it is March and the rain is just around the corner.

Below are the few that I found and don’t get me wrong they are really nice but some variety in colour and style would be even nicer.

I am hoping that there are more options in the stores then listed online. I would love to hear from you if you know of any other trench options out there.


Trench coat with seam detail $129.99
A lovely classic black trench that will transition from business to casual with swoop of a scarf. The length is perfect for getting in and out of the car.

Slouchy Chic Topper - On sale $99.99 Reg. $139
I do have to say I love this jacket. The fresh colour says “Welcome Spring”. The clean simple lines and bold collar have a casual elegance that would look beautiful on any body shape.

Although I don’t have Talbots listed yet on my site they do actually ship to Canada.

Textured Peacoat $189
Simply beautiful. You will be walking tall and with confidence with this jacket.

Twill Trench $189
Don’t shy away from a bold colour on a classic trench like this. That is what will help define your unique style.

Belted Anorak $149
Sorry I couldn’t get an image of this coat but I encourage you to check it out. The bright pink option is amazing. If you need something to brighten your mood on a rainy day, this coat will do that.


  1. I love the Land's End SunShower Rain Jacket - five great colors to pick from and comes in plus - can't decide between fern and navy ?

  2. Thanks for sharing this one Emily! So lovely and flattering!


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