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Saturday, September 26, 2009

The Perfect Pair of Jeans

Oh the joys of being plus size. So this morning I went to put on my favourite pair of jeans and found a split/hole in the inner thigh. I would like to think that this mysterious hole appeared after laughing uncontrollably at my brother-in-law singing RockBand AC/DC last night, however upon further inspection the thinning denim would lead me to think that it was actually my ample thighs rubbing together that caused this gapping hole in my jean.

Now that jeans have been added to my fall shopping list I thought I would see what options were out there before hitting the shops.

Check out these new pashu jeans at AdditionElle, they are tummy tucking! To add to the tummy slimming, they also feature a faux zipper and button. Without the extra bulk on your stomach these have got to be the perfect pair of jeans.

Now if they could only come up with tummy tucking, thigh sucking in, butt disappearing, leg elongating jeans… I guess that’s what we have Spanx for?

Psst, remember you can get 10% off your online order at AdditionElle, MXM and Penningtons until September 30, just use coupon code Fall2009 at checkout.

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